shooting film at the camp

Every year, for two luscious weeks, we rent a camp on Long Pond on Mount Desert Island in Maine. Each year that I go, I bring my camera with great anticipation for capturing some of my best photographs of the year. And each year the stakes seem to rise. It's not that I feel like I need to outdo myself. It's that I want to be sure that I am growing. Each year, I try to see things differently. It's hard not to take the same snapshots over and over again. I do find myself doing that a bit because it is interesting to compare the growth in my children. 

This year, I was even more excited because I had an underwater housing for my 5D Mark III, but I also had bags full of vintage medium format film cameras and film. Lots and lots of film, safely stored in a small cooler bag. I even tugged along a large format film camera. I believe I brought 11 cameras in all, if you count them. Talk about pressure! 

Without further ado, here are my favorite film images from our time by the lake.