a boy and his bear

Most of the time, the stuffies in our house don't see the light of day, as they remain tucked away under the blankets while the kids are at school. But every so often, I will suggest that we bring one outside, for a little walk, before bed. This is Mama Bear. She has been in the favorites ever since my older son was a toddler. I am so glad that they had some special time together outside now that he is nine, and still willing to snuggle a softie in front of the camera. I feel like there are so many feelings in this one little boy, and I just know that this Mama bears every single one like the back of her hand. He is beginning to imagine his future a bit more, with middle school less than two years away. This little bear did so well on this photo shoot, that we just might have to do another, next time, on film, don't you think? Before it's too late!