muse memoirs Project | passion

Your passion for soccer reminds me of myself when I was little. When I was home on weekends, I was quite often down in the basement listening to music and choreographing dances or roller skating performances  to show my parents at the end of the day.  Every moment you can - morning, afternoon and evening, you run out the door to play soccer. The snow has finally melted, the grass is beginning to grow, and now you are so happy to be playing again outside after a long winter of just weekly practices in the soccer dome. Even when the snow wasn't completely melted, you spend time practicing footwork in the driveway. Even a few shots at the goal with patches of snow around. Now the field is yours, ready for all the soccer your heart desires. Mom, did you see that??!!! Yes, Tucker, that was a great shot!. I passed the ball to you about 48 times while you practiced heading for a goal. In exchange, I could spend a few minutes taking your picture. I like how we give and take to support each other in our passions. And, I love that we both get so passionate about what makes our hearts full. 

Hasselblad 500 c/m | Portra 160 | Converted to BW

Muse Memoirs is an ongoing collection of images by a pretty rad group of women who speak to their children through their photography, kind of like an online memory book. Follow circle starting with Julienne Ratanasen.