going underwater

On a family trip to Naples, Florida I finally had an opportunity to explore underwater photography. It took a while for me to find the right solution to take my big girl camera underwater. The hard housings were way too spendy, and a simple EWA bag too lacking in form and function. But then a friend suggested I look into the Outex. It is funny looking for sure, but it allows for a decent amount of functionality and it was a good price point. I can adjust all my exposure settings, and use back button focusing. I was a bit sad to not be able to toggle focus points, but a girl can't have everything, right? And I saw quickly how a wider angle lens would be ideal. Of course, before I took the plunge, I confirmed with my insurance company that I was covered in the event that the housing failed. After confirming, the agent said, "Well, it sounds like it is time for you to get in the water!" I am in love, the patterns of light and the bubbles, and dreamy floating all combine so well.

Outex | Canon 5D Mark III | ISO 200 | 35mm | f2.8 | 1/1600