the story of the yellow ring

One evening while on vacation, my younger son and I went out to see the sunset to find a bright yellow float ring on the dock. Was it a gift from the lake? I quickly snapped an image with my iPhone from my pocket. 

The timing was significant, as this is the first year that my youngest was really much more comfortable in the water. See this, you're looking at one happy duck!


This is also the first year that I have had an underwater housing for my camera! An Outex.

My older son had so many creative ideas to play in his mind, like throwing it off the dock and diving into it, head first!

Or running over the water, like it was his own little plane.

I just never knew what he was about to do! It was like the lake was his blank canvas!

It was as if we could do anything!

Even jump in for the first time on his own!

It turns out, it was a gift from a couple on the other side of the lake to the right of the camp we rented. They saw the kids swimming, and thought that they would enjoy having it. If only I could share all of these images with them as a thank you!

By the end of the two weeks, it had a hole. It was a very loved ring. We were sad to say goodbye.