why i love photography

Here is a story about why I love photography. It is for the connections. This weekend, I had the honor of taking this portrait. It came about in the most unexpected way. She is my niece. She has a firm mind, and won't just do something because you ask her to, even if you ask nicely. She has to make up her mind, in her own time. Even a lollipop wouldn't persuade her, but then a while later, we were both sitting by the window in her room. I had my camera in my hands, and she was playing with her Elmo and a rescue helicopter. And then she looked up at me like she was giving me a special gift. She is only three, and yet she knew that she was doing something amazing for me. She then when running off to tell her mom that she had done a good job. This moment. When she looked at me, It filled my heart. I felt our souls connect. Truly! It was a magical moment. She is going to be one amazing woman. Well done beautiful B!

Here are a few more from spending time with her over the weekend.