golden hour in pjs

It was five to eight, getting late and time for stories and bedtime, but it was just too beautiful to resist a few minutes enjoying the golden light. Moving in and out of the flare, playing with angles, and feeling warm and happy. Appreciating this beautiful light and time together. 



To celebrate our 40th birthdays, we treated ourselves to a trip to Nantucket, one of our favorite places. The sand and water and relaxing restaurants are just what we needed to mark such a special occasion. Here are my favorite images, beginning with long drive down to Hyannis and ending with crossing back into Maine over the Piscataqua River Bridge.


my birthday

To celebrate my birthday, we went down to the shore. To get some fresh air and be together. I turned my camera over to my husband for a bit.


down at the yacht club

The snow is melted, it is Spring! We are so happy to be able to get out and explore again. We went down to out Yacht Club after school to explore the floats and the rocky shore. There was a nice spring running from all of the melting, which made the most lovely rippling sound. 

exploring light indoors

Sometimes I am so moved by the light, and on this particular afternoon, I don't think I have ever seen it so beautiful. Maybe it was because I hadn't seen the sun in a while. I love how it is always changing, and late winter into summer the light falls into the house at such a beautiful angle. So we explored, together, trying different techniques and exposures. My little helper and I - we started with this sliver of light. I am so pleased to contribute to a beautiful blog, Cherish this Day. It really inspires me to try new things, continue improving, all while connecting with others who share this passion. Please pop over to see the amazing work that others shared this week.

golden hour in january

Every January there is a thaw, but this year, it was especially amazing, with all the snow melting, the mist, and the light. I took the opportunity to photograph my older child out in a new field that we can see across the cove from our house. I was really craving some warm haze. These images remind me that winter isn't forever, and that the warmer days are going to come. I think I will appreciate them more than ever this year. 


light from above

January thaw. Snow melting, temperatures mild. Colder nights greeted by a morning sun. Mist and fog lifting from the damp ground and snow. The sun is low on the horizon in the winter months. And on this particular morning, it was spectacular. Light that was surely sent from above. Strong rays, making us believe.